Quark unveils QuarkXPress 2016 – Convert PDF to Native Objects; Copy Excel Charts as Editable Objects and Convert Print to HTML5 Publications; and much more

Today Quark unveiled QuarkXPress 2016, the next major version of QuarkXPress. Going to be released in the second quarter of this year, QuarkXPress 2016 is built on outstanding performance and stability introduced with QuarkXPress 2015.

What’s new in QuarkXPress 2016?

Probably most information you’ll find on Quark’s website (http://www.quark.com/2016) and in the press release (http://quark.com/en/About_Quark/Press/PressDetail.aspx?ncid=2166).

However there are three features that I’d like to draw you attention especially:

1) Paste as editable QuarkXPress Objects from Illustrator, InDesign and Office

Did a client send you an Excel Chart or a PowerPoint deck and you need to spice this up and make it printable? QuarkXPress 2016 allows you to simply select the object in MS Office and copy and paste them as Native QuarkXPress Objects into QuarkXPress 2016. There you can fully edit them and of course redefine their colors or edit text.

Same for Illustrator or InDesign objects, simply copy them inside these applications and paste them as editable QuarkXPress Objects. Text stays text, vectors stay vectors, colors and font information carries over and much more.

And the same works for many other applications, CorelDraw, Preview (on OS X), Affinity, just try it. By the way, the quality of the conversion pretty much depends on the application passing its objects to the clipboard. Some work 1:1, others still work ok, however you might e.g. just get more text boxes in QuarkXPress than in the originating application.



QuarkXPress 2016:


2) Export Print Layouts as HTML5 Publications

QuarkXPress 2016 allows you to export as HTML5 Publications. You can start from scratch or – what’s really intriguing – just convert existing Print layouts to Digital layouts and export them as HTML5 Publications.

You’ll get a near-WYSIWYG experience of your Print layout in the web, almost all typography and layout and graphic carries over and can be seen in any modern browser, no plug-in needed. And of course they will also display on mobile devices, as it is all pure HTML5.

If you want you can add app-like interactivity, like slideshows, animations, videos, sound and much more.

Best of all, exporting to HTML5 Publications happens locally, you do not need any service, subscription or portal, you will receive a bunch of files and folders locally on your local disk. And you can then host them wherever you want, locally on your machine, on your own web server or anywhere you like. And therefore there are no additional costs, no setup fee or pay-per-view. It’s standard HTML5 that you can even customize and use wherever you want.

3) Convert imported PDF or EPS files as Native QuarkXPress Objects

Received an EPS logo again that needs to be altered? A client gave you a PDF Ad that needs some retouching? No need to spend hours rebuilding it in QuarkXPress anymore, simple right click the imported AI, EPS or PDF file in QuarkXPress and choose to convert it into Native QuarkXPress Objects. Afterwards you can simple alter the text or work on the colors and bezier curves.


Videos showing the features

You can find a playlist showing the features in short, 1-2 min videos, here:



Let us know your opinion about these please.