Sneak preview: “Auto Fit Image” and “Fill Picture Box”

Though we haven’t officially announce did it yet, the next update for QuarkXPress 2018 will add support for macOS Mojave and Windows 10 October Update.

The update will be free for everybody using QuarkXPress 2018 and is envisioned to be released in October, around two to three weeks after the release of Mojave.

Besides adding operating support, QuarkXPress 2018 will also add two new features:

  1. Auto fitting
  2. Fill picture box

QuarkXPress has always allowed you to “fit” an image into a picture box. Manually, by hitting a shortcut command (Command+Shift+Option+F). If you don’t hold the option key, the image is stretched (and thus distorted). The latter of course only works, if you haven’t constraint the image to always keep proportions (little chain in measurement palette).

Fill Box

We have heard from many users that – additional to Fit to box – they’d like an additional option: Fill box.

The difference to “fit”, which shows the complete image, is that fill leaves no space around the image, so the box is completely filled. However that means in most cases, that parts of the image are cropped.

QuarkXPress 2018 October Update will add a manual command to fill a box.

Auto Fit

Though fit, stretch, and fill are powerful command, once you change the size of the box, you need to again fit the image or fill the box.

Wouldn’t it be nice if QuarkXPress would do that for you?

And that’s exactly what the QuarkXPress 2018 October Update will do: Auto fit (or fill or stretch) an image, regardless how you size the box.

Of course you can always turn that off again.

Sneak Peak (still secret)

Here’s a short video showing auto-fit: