QuarkXPress in the Mac App Store


Today we released QuarkXPress in the Mac App Store. For the very first time.


It’s called QuarkXPress 2018 Pro to illustrate the difference to “QuarkXPress 2018”, which is sold through authorized resellers, the Quark web shop and by Quark directly.

And one the first day Apple already picked QuarkXPress Pro as one of the apps they love:

QuarkXPress 2018 Pro is almost exactly the same as QuarkXPress 2018, there are only a few notable differences:

  • No JavaScript yet. So the JavaScript palette and JavaScript debugger palette are not present. We plan to add this later, we need to “tame” CEF more for the sandbox concept of the Mac App Store.
  • Does not support directly exporting eBooks in the Kindle format. Reason for that is the Sandbox concept of the Mac App Store, QuarkXPress Pro cannot call an external tool, which we use to generate Kindle out of ePub. You can easily solve that yourself, by exporting ePub and either calling KindleGen yourself (a free download from amazon) or just uploading the epub to Amamzon.
  • Cache Cleaner Tool not available. Again, it’s an external tool, so QuarkXPress Pro cannot call it. Probably we should make this available as a separate download and adjust it to the new preference path that QuarkXPress Pro uses.

Edit: JavaScript support was added in 2018 in one of the updates.

And of course there is one big difference: We cannot offer you paid upgrades, as the Mac App Store doesn’t allow that. So though we will provide the same updates and bug fixes as we will for QuarkXPress 2018, once a new major version comes out (2019? 2020?), we cannot offer you a reduced upgrade price. To compensate for that, we offered you a reduced price of just $399 for QuarkXPress Pro.

And to celebrate the entrance of QuarkXPress 2018 Pro in the Mac App Store, for a limited time Quark gives you a $100 rebate off on the Mac App Store price, currently it is available for just $299.