Dark Mode coming for QuarkXPress 2018 on Mojave

MacOS Mojave (version 10.14) introduces a system wide Dark Mode.

In previous versions of macOS you had the ability to turn the Dock and menu bar dark; with macOS Mojave you get a proper “Dark Mode”. You can change between Light Mode and Dark Mode under “General” in System Preferences.

This changes the appearance of built-in apps including Finder, Safari, iTunes and other apps by Apple as well as third-party apps that use Apple’s user interface controls. Applications that have a richer UI, like QuarkXPress, need additional support to support the Dark Mode everywhere. With the next update in October, QuarkXPress 2018 adds a dark theme on MacOS.

Support for macOS Mojave and “Dark Mode” in QX2018

The QuarkXPress 2018 October Update will add a “dark theme” to seamlessly integrate with Mojave and officially support MacOS 10.14:

You can activate the dark mode in QuarkXPress 2018 by going to “Preferences > Application > Color Theme” and choosing “Dark”.