Create grid-based layouts directly from your iPad

Quark has just released the new 2018 version of DesignPad.

Design on the Go with Quark DesignPad

Design on your iPad wherever you are with DesignPad, the iPad app that puts grid-based design control in the palm of your hand. No need to own InDesign or QuarkXPress.

Using an entirely new approach to design, you can quickly experiment with different layouts concepts and create anything such as a poster, postcard, advertisement, invitation, brochure, business card or newsletter right on your iPad — then share it on Twitter, Facebook, by email, print it or – if you have it available – further develop it in QuarkXPress.

With DesignPad you can:

• Create stunning designs in minutes, in a meeting or on the go, directly on your iPad
• Develop concepts interactively and share them instantly with your colleagues, clients and friends
• For ultimate control, turn your DesignPad layout into a completed design by opening it in QuarkXPress* — our award-winning premier professional design and layout software

Pro Feature Pack

Unlock the new Pro Feature Pack and gain access to professional output and new sharing capabilities. Save and share print-quality PDFs or save PNG and PDF versions to DropBox for immediate access anywhere or directly print out your design via the new AirPrint support.

Bring your creativity to life!

Version History


—Bug fixes


—Layout Painter
—Snap to Guides
—Line shapes with dash
—Various improvements
—UI Update
—Dropbox Update


Version 2.5.1 now supports iOS7, iOS8 and iOS9.
This version fixes a problem in which the help window could not be closed and a crash issue.


Thank you all for your positive feedback. This new version focuses mostly on stability, so that certain crashes that you have reported do not happen anymore. Sorry about that and thanks for your great feedback! Keep it coming.

We also added a couple enhancements that you’ll enjoy:
• Added a new “Copy Item” feature
• “Move Forward” and “Move Backward” buttons now work with ALL items, so any box can be in front or in the back now


In 2.3.1 we fixed a under iOS 7 that occurred when using the Revert function. For users on iOS 8 there are no changes.


Due to requests in the reviews we implemented the following features that you asked for:
• Bug fixes
• New item lock feature
• Hides home page banner for Pro Pack owners again (sorry, bug)


Added a “Revert” feature which returns you to the home screen without saving your work.


Fixed an issue that the export popup sometimes wouldn’t open after initial export.


•Invalid Zoom issue fixed
•On iOS8 all color pickers would not show correctly
•Hidden text editing in landscape mode


• Fixed a bug that occasionally caused the title bar to obscure a dialog
• Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented exporting after the first export
• Fixed a bug that prevented setting color attributes for text and shapes
• Now remembers the last Unit of measure you choose
• Few localization bugs fixed


•Updated for iOS 7-8 (iOS6 no longer supported)
•Fixed Style Sheet bugs
•Improved default styles
•Fixed possible hangs while opening documents


• Various bug fixes


• Redesigned for iOS 7
• Support for creating multi-page documents as PDFs and QuarkXPress files
• Save and share designs as images and PDFs directly to Box (in addition to DropBox)
• Collect designs to Dropbox or Box (layout and images)
• Text style sheets
• Text patterns—a new, easy way to format text with multiple styles
• Picture Sketcher tool lets you draw your own images within picture boxes
• RGB Color picker option using sliders or text entry
• New right-angle box shapes
• Text overflow indicator including ‘tap to fit’ feature


• Minor bug fixes


• Minor bug fixes
• Improved help
• Added retina images


• PDF output (Pro Feature Pack only)
• Dropbox support (Pro Feature Pack only)
• AirPrint support (Pro Feature Pack only)
• Shadow colors
• New wave shapes for boxes opens up thousands of possibilities (Pro Feature Pack only)
• Blank document button
• Undo/Redo
• Remove watermarks (Pro Feature Pack only)
• Nudge controls for precise placement
• Slider stabilization technology
• Dynamic grids that let you change grid parameters on live documents (fluid layouts) (Pro Feature Pack only)
• Ability to remove all unwanted boxes
• Ability to move boxes off the grid and reset them
• Improved performance
• Improved image placement
• Better text controls including stroked text


• Fixed: Bug where users couldn’t type in text fields for Layout Sliders
• Fixed: Some interface glitches, including active disabling of non-relavant controls
• Fixed: Auto-hide of guides on export, with option to show if desired
• Added: Guide for beginners through interface with animated arrows
• Added: Retina interface update
• Added: Save to Photo Library
• Added: Post to Facebook (iOS 6 Native)
• Added: Duplicate layout (Save As…)
• Added: Change any box shape to : beveled rect, inset rect, rounded rect, polygon, star, oval, speech bubble, thought bubble
• Added: Additional Shape controls: Change speech/thought bubble angle, change polygon/star orientation relative to content, change star inner radius, toggle corners on rounded rectangle
• Added: Control box angle
• Added: Drop shadow toggle and special shadow controller
• Added: Line spacing on text
• Added: Justified text control
• Added: Expose full font list, including bolds, italics, lights and condensed (Well OVER 100 font choices added)


Initial Version