New Webinar Series for QuarkXPress – Free Tutorials

A few weeks ago Quark has launched a new webinar series about QuarkXPress 2018.

Here are the first three:

Webinar 1 – HTML5 Publications (PWA)

Side note: Often these kind of HTML5 exports are called progressive web apps (PWA).


  • See a HTML5 Publication live
  • Quickly convert a Print layout as HTML5 Publication
  • Start a new HTML5 Publication from scratch
  • Add interactivity such as movies, sound, animations, slideshows popups and more
  • Export, host and configure

InDesign users:
Note that with IDML Import in QuarkXPress 2018 you can also create an HTML5 Publication from InDesign by

  1. Creating an IDML file out of InDesign
  2. In QX2018 choose File – New – Project from IDML
  3. Follow the steps shown in the webinar


Webinar 2 – Create ebooks (part 1 of 2)


  • Which formats for your ebook?
  • Create a new ebook from scratch
  • Reflow vs. fixed-layout ebook
  • Convert print to reflow ebook
  • Convert print to fixed-layout ebook

Please note that the first 10 minutes are theory, live software demo afterwards.

Webinar 3 – Create ebooks (part 2 of 2)


  • Add interactivity to your reflow ebook
  • Add interactivity to your fixed-layout epub
  • Add meta data, hyperlinks & table of content
  • How does “Export for Kindle” from “Export to ePub” differ?
  • What are post-processing tools like Sigil and ePubCheck and when do you need them?

Future webinars

We are planning to publish a new webinar every two weeks. Topics include:

  • Creating native Android/iOS apps
  • Create print-ready PDF (PDF/X)
  • Creating tagged PDF
  • Working with OpenType features (typography)
  • Color Fonts (typography)
  • QuarkXPress for beginners (1st document)
  • Image Editing and Image Effects
  • Job Tickets (in details)
  • JavaScript for beginners
  • JavaScript for advanced
  • Color Management
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Troubleshooting
  • and more

Try it yourself – free of charge

As Quark offers a free trial version of QuarkXPress that runs for 7 days and is functionally not restricted, you can try all of this yourself – without any cost: