Progressive Web App (PWA) out of QuarkXPress 2018

Just out of fun I checked whether my recent export for “OpenType typography in HTML5” fulfills the criteria of a PWA (Progressive Web App).

Side note: HTML5 Publications out of QuarkXPress are basically progressive web apps.

And I was surprised:

The HTML5 Publication scored 100 (out of 100) in Lighthouse 2.9.1

So it is 100% compliant.

How to you check PWA compliance?

It’s easy using Chrome and Lighthouse:

  1. Use Google Chrome (the browser) on MacOS or Windows.
  2. Get the Lighthouse extension for Chrome:
  3. Browse to the website you want to audit (my im case: ).
  4. In Chrome, open Developer Tools (menu “View > Developer > Developer Tools”).
  5. Click on the “Audits” tab.
  6. Click on “Perform an audit…”
  7. If not checked, check “Progressive Web App” and run audit.

How to create a PWA yourself?

With QuarkXPress 2018 you can easily create a new PWA or convert your print layout into a PWA.You can do that using the free trial version of QuarkXPress 2018:

Here’s a recent webinar showing you how: