Can you convert a HTML page into PDF? And republish?

Often I see a HTML page and would like to print it. Or use it as a base for publishing something. For example our web team created beautiful pages that I’d like to use as the base of our next print brochure. Or I just want to import it, change it and republish as HTML.

Is that possible? Yes! I found a way using a “HTML to PDF converter” and QuarkXPress.

How to convert HTML to PDF to QuarkXPress

Using QuarkXPress 2016 and higher and EVO’s great “HTML to PDF converter”, you can use this workaround to convert HTML to PDF and to an editable QuarkXPress layout:

  1. Navigate to the following location:
  2. Input any URL (in my example: and convert to PDF.
  3. Import the resulting PDF into a new layout in QuarkXPress 2017.
  4. “Convert to editable objects”.
  5. You probably have to replace fonts or merge text boxes. Make the changes needed so that it looks great. Check whether anything didn’t convert well.
  6. Export as PDF or as HTML using QuarkXPress 2017. Set up color management to get good results.

Instead of using EVO you could also use the “Print as PDF” out of your browser (replacing step 1&2).

Screenshots of example flow:

Step 1: Enter the URL into EVO’s demo website and convert website to PDF
Step 2: Download the PDF
Step 3: Create new layout…
Step 3: …and import PDF into QuarkXPress
Step 4: In QuarkXPress, convert to native objects
Step 5: Replace missing fonts
Step 6: You are done, you now have the HTML page as an editable layout with editable objects in QuarkXPress. Feel free to change and output as PDF or HTML or ebook or native app


Please make sure that you value copyrights and intellectual property.

So when you use images or text that you didn’t create yourself, do not publish them without having consent and/or a license from the copyright holder or original creator!

And please do not misuse the demo of “EVO’s HTML to PDF Converter”. If you use it often, please buy their product (or a similar product).