What is the QuarkXPress Upgrade Plan?

As you know, QuarkXPress is subscription-free.

QuarkXPress does NOT force you to rent software: You decide whether features in a new version are worth the upgrade price. If you are happy with your current version, just continue to use it as long as you want without ever paying anything additional.

Feedback from the majority our customers is, that subscriptions are unfair. And that YOU want to decide whether a new version is worth the upgrade price (and not want to be forced to pay regardless of what features are offered).

QuarkXPress is always rent-free, no subscription!

However sometimes you prefer to pay a yearly fee and not worry about upgrade prices and when upgrades are being released. You just want to be current.

Therefore for over two decades Quark has offered an optional maintenance plan for QuarkXPress, which continues to be available. It’s called “QuarkXPress Upgrade Plan”

QuarkXPress Upgrade Plan explained

When you purchase a new license or when you upgrade you can optionally add a QuarkXPress Upgrade Plan.

There are two variants of the Upgrade Plan, one that runs 12 months and one that runs 24 months.

As long as your Upgrade Plan is valid, you will receive all updates AND upgrades (major version jumps) for free.

At the end of the Upgrade Plan period, the Upgrade plan does not auto renew. A few weeks before Quark will also remind you about the Upgrade Plan due to expire. You have two options:

  1. You can either purchase a new Upgrade Plan (via Quark direct or an authorized reseller), for 12 or 24 months.
  2. Or you do not renew the Upgrade Plan. Your software will continue to run.

For example:

August 2015: You purchased QuarkXPress 2015 as an upgrade from QuarkXPress 9. You add the optional 12-month QuarkXPress Upgrade Plan.

May 2016: QuarkXPress 2016 is released. Your Upgrade Plan is still valid, so receive the upgrade of QuarkXPress 2016 FOR FREE.

July 2016: You are being reminded to renew the Upgrade Plan. You buy a new 12-month QuarkXPress Upgrade Plan via a reseller.

May 2017: QuarkXPress 2017 is released. Your 12-month Upgrade Plan is valid, so you again receive the upgrade of QuarkXPress FOR FREE.

July 2017: You are being reminded to renew the Upgrade Plan. You decide to not renew the QuarkXPress Upgrade Plan. Your software continues to run.

September 2018: Your software (QuarkXPress 2017) will continue to run.
If there’s a new version of QuarkXPress available, you can always upgrade, however you will NOT get it for free.

December 2018: Your software (QuarkXPress 2017) will continue to run.

If you do not renew the Upgrade Plan, your software will continue to run “indefinitely” (as long as you have hardware and an operating system still allowing to run your current version). At any point in time you can decide to upgrade to the current version of QuarkXPress. Optionally you can add an Upgrade Plan again.

QuarkXPress Upgrade Plan pricing

A 12-month Upgrade Plan costs $169 (plus tax if applicable), so approx. $14 per month.

An Upgrade from QuarkXPress 2016 to QuarkXPress 2017 costs $185.

There are more benefits of the Upgrade Plan, please see here: http://www.quark.com/Buy/QuarkXPress_Sales/Maintenance.aspx

Upgrade Plan for Free?

In January 2018 & February 2018 Quark is offering you a 12-month Upgrade Plan for free when you buy a new full license of QuarkXPress 2017 or an upgrade to QuarkXPress 2017.

So when you buy QuarkXPress 2017 now and Quark releases a new major version of QuarkXPress in 2018, then you will receive it FOR FREE!

QuarkXPress Upgrade Plan Promo
QuarkXPress Upgrade Plan Promo (Jan & Feb 2018)


You decide:

  • Whether you want to pay annually and receive upgrades for free.
  • Whether you want to look at features first and then decide if you want to spend money for the next major version.
  • Or if you want to continue to use your current version and not pay anything.

The choice is yours. Always.