Text shading done right (no workaround needed!)

For years QuarkXPress users asked for the ability to shade text (highlight text). As QuarkXPress didn’t offer this feature, there were many workarounds used, either using a custom underline style, anchor a box or by using a rule (above/below) to highlight text.

Unfortunately there can be downsides when using such a workaround. The example above cannot be done with a rule or an anchored box, as a) the highlighted text is at several places and b) breaks across lines.

Therefore in QuarkXPress 2017 we added the ability to to text shading properly. No need for workarounds.

Have a look, it’s maybe a hidden gem, as most people zoomed in on the more obvious highlights of QuarkXPress 2017 such as non-destructive Image Editing, Column split/span, responsive HTML5, free iOS app creation etc.

And probably more powerful than any other page layout application.

Powerful Text Shading in QuarkXPress 2017

In QuarkXPress 2017 there are two methods of Text Shading, for text (character) and paragraph.

Even better, additional to the “shade” you can also give it a frame.

And of course you can add text framing and text shading to style sheets.

And you can use them in a Conditional Style (for automatic formatting, e.g. highlight all instances of “today”.

Examples of Text Shading (character)

Shade any character (or word). You can use solid colors, semi-opaque colors or even multi-color gradients to highlight.

Examples of Text Shading (paragraph)

You can also add paragraph shading (and combine that with character shading).

Paragraphs can be shades as wide as the text runs, within indents or span the column (irrespective of indents).

Built-in intelligence (watch GIF)

When two paragraph shades are consecutive and have the exact same definition, QuarkXPress 2017 joins them automatically. No need for you to adjust manually.

When definitions slightly differ (as in the example below, once opacity differs), then the two shades are not joined automatically.

Examples of automatic shades (via Conditional Style)

Of course you can automate that (using Conditional Styles) to automatically highlight a specific word:

And of course it works with irregular shapes

Have boxes that are not rectangular? Just tell QuarkXPress 2017 whether it should ignore the shape of the box or automatically “clip shade to box”:

And more?

Yes, there is more, you can also add Text Framing. But that’s another story (post)…