How to delete preferences (QuarkXPress 2016)

It is probably one of the most frequently mentioned remedies when something behaves wrong in QuarkXPress:
Delete your preferences.

And deleting preferences probably solves 90% of all problems. When preferences go defective, it can cause QuarkXPress to behave erratic, disable functionality and even crash. And one of the most frequently given answers is how to find and delete preferences, as they reside in a hidden folder on OS X / MacOS and Windows.

So, stop searching, just use the QuarkCacheCleaner to delete preferences of QuarkXPress 2016:

  1. QuarkCacheCleaner is a small application that is automatically installed in the “Tools” folder in the application folder of QuarkXPress 2016.
  2. Quit QuarkXPress and run QuarkCacheCleaner.
  3. Check to “Also delete QuarkXPress’ preferences”. It will delete cache files and preferences of QuarkXPress 2016.
    Note: This cannot be undone.