Three Reasons Why You Will Need the Free QuarkXPress Document Converter

A few days ago Quark released the free QuarkXPress Document Converter 1.2.

Here’s when you need the QuarkXPress Document Converter, which is available for OS X and Windows:

1) Convert legacy documents when using a newer version of QuarkXPress

In 2006, so with QuarkXPress 7, Quark modernized the type method of QuarkXPress. So QuarkXPress 7 was the first version to support OpenType functionality of fonts and also uses Unicode to address an kind of glyph in QuarkXPress.

For compatibility reasons, QuarkXPress 7, 8 & 9 continued to carry the older methods, so non-Unicode type and old hyphenation methods and type code not suitable for modern needs.

In 2013, so seven years later, Quark decided to cut out the old code, making QuarkXPress leaner, faster and truly modern.

However, that meant also that QuarkXPress 10 could not open documents that had been last saved by QuarkXPress 6 or before. For that reason Quark released the free QuarkXPress Document Converter, which converts the legacy documents to version 9 documents, which of course can be directly opened with QuarkXPress 10, 2015 and 2016.

Bottomline: Use the QuarkXPress Document Converter if you use QuarkXPress 10, 2105 or 2016 and need to open documents last saved by QuarkXPress 6 or before.


2) Remove Pasteboard XT references

In the early 90’s an independent XTension developer released Pasteboard XT. While the idea was great, to extend the space of the pasteboard in QuarkXPress, it unfortunately registered itself as a “required XTension”. Meaning that if you had the XTension enabled, every document that you saved also required it, even if you didn’t make use of its functionality. It soon was the first (and only) QuarkXPress “virus” ever.

Though an Pasteboard XTerminator was released a few years later, still many legacy documents, especially from version 4 and 5, carry the flag that Pasteboard XT is needed to be opened. And as nowadays the XTension doesn’t exist anymore, they cannot be opened anymore. Unless you use the free QuarkXPress Document Converter, which can remove the reference and allow you to open these documents with QuarkXPress 9 or higher.

Bottomline: Use the QuarkXPress Converter if you use QuarkXPress 9, 10, 2105 or 2016 and need to open documents that contain references to the Pasteboard XT and you don’t use Pasteboard XT.


3) Remove Web layouts and Flash layouts

In 2002 with version 5 QuarkXPress first added digital publishing capabilities, introducing an HTML4 authoring and export capability. A web layout was a separate layout type that you could create alongside with print layouts. With QuarkXPress 7 you could also author and export Flash layouts (SWF).

The world has progressed and nowadays nobody wants to create HTML4 and Flash (SWF) anymore. QuarkXPress 2016 offers more modern formats for digital publishing, so HTML5 Publications, native Apps for Android and iOS and eBooks (in ePub and Kindle format). Thus the former, HTML4-based web layout and Interactive (Flash) layouts have been discontinued with QuarkXPress 10 and higher.

So if you want to open a project that contains a Print layout along with e.g. a Flash layout, QuarkXPress 10, 2015 and 2016 cannot open it. THus use the free QuarkXPress Document Converter, as it can remove Web layouts and Flash layouts out of projects with Print layouts. Afterwards you can open the project ad have all Print layouts available in QuarkXPress 10, 2015 or 2016.

Bottomline: Use the QuarkXPress Converter if you use QuarkXPress 10, 2105 or 2016 and need to open documents that contain print layouts along with web layouts or Flash layouts.



Have millions of layouts that need to be converted?

If you have numerous documents that need to be converted, QuarkXPress Document Converter makes it easy for you: Instead of converting each document step-by-step, just point QuarkXPress Document Converter to a folder containing QuarkXPress documents. QuarkXPress Document Converter will convert them all in one go.

And of course QuarkXPress Document Converter will not overwrite your existing files, it will create new ones with the same name and adding “_v9” to their file names.



Download QuarkXPress Document Converter 1.2 for free




(If you use Version 1.2 of QuarkXPress Document Converter, then it will also alert you of newer versions using Quark Update.)


Both an engineer and a layout artist, Matthias bridges the gap between technology and people.

Before joining Quark, Matthias pioneered print, Web, and multimedia products for multiple German publishing companies. Since 1997 he has played a central role in shaping Quark’s desktop and enterprise software.
Starting 2003 Matthias has focused on Quark’s interactive and digital publishing solutions. He is an active participant in design and publishing communities and represents Quark in the Ghent PDF Workgroup.

Since February 2014 Matthias heads Quark’s Desktop Publishing business unit and is therefore responsible for QuarkXPress.