Import all pages of a PDF file into QuarkXPress

Need to import all pages of a PDF into QuarkXPress 2015/2016 in one go?

Look no further, as Creationauts has released an XTension to QuarkXPress 2015 and 2016 that does exactly that:

PDF Importer Basic and PDF Importer Pro are available for QuarkXPress on Mac and on Windows and allow you to specify which pages of a PDF file you want to import. Of course you can also import all pages of the PDF document.

The “Pro” variant additionally allows you to convert PDF objects into editable objects. So needless to say that this requires QuarkXPress 2016 then.

Both XTensions are available at a very competitive price, $9.99 for the PDF Importer Basic and $19.99 for PDF Importer Pro.

If you like it, please hurry, as Creationauts runs a promo until July 15th, 2016, where Basic just costs $1.99 and Pro just $9.99.