Quick guide to HTML5 Publications

The new HTML5 Publications in QuarkXPress 2016 can give you a similar experience as apps just in a browser.

Maybe you had used App Studio apps, Adobe DPS apps, Twixl apps or any other system/solution before and like the power that native apps can deliver. However, maybe your business model doesn’t allow reoccurring payments or download fees.

That’s where HTML5 Publications can maybe be a solution for you, they work almost like apps, just they play in a web browser. That has one huge advantage, you are not limited to mobile devices (works on OS X and Windows too). The disadvantage may be that if you need a store front, you have to implement this yourself.

HTML5 Publications do not create any additional costs, all you need – besides QuarkXPress 2016 – is a web server where you host them, which probably will cost you some fees. Of course you can use your existing webserver that you may have.

Three steps to convert a print layout into HTML5 Publications

  1. In QuarkXPress 2016 choose menu “Layout > Duplicate” and duplicate it as a “Digital” layout (not “Print”):
  2. Preview using the button in the lower left corner of the document window
    OR Export (using “File > Export > As HTML5 Publication”):
  3. Put the exported folder on a web server (e.g. via FTP):

Of course if you do not want to start with Print, you can also create a digital layout from scratch.

And if you want to make your HTML5 Publication more interactive, add a step 2a) in between: Open HTML5 palette and add enrichments:
HTML5 Palette




Can’t see your publication? Don’t double click index.html, it won’t work: