First book about QuarkXPress 2016 now available

The first book about QuarkXPress 2016 is now available, so even before QuarkXPress 2016 will be officially released tomorrow (May 24).

You can order it through Amazon US or Amazon UK and other national sites from amazon.

The interesting thing is that this book is not only about QuarkXPress, it is also about design and brand considerations, about print processes and about finishing. So definitely an interesting read, I can highly recommend it.

Martin, the author of the book, who is also an author for Planet Quark, says about it:

““Over the years, I’ve seen dozens of designers, some straight from college, some hardened veterans, whose work came to a halt because they lacked some crucial piece of knowledge. In this book, I have tried to include the answers to all of their questions, and to uncover the richer possibilities that QuarkXPress 2016 offers. Its new features—especially native import and HTML5 publishing—allow us to be more productive, more creative and more satisfied in our work. Whether in print or online, more than ever before, QuarkXPress 2016 gives us the power to delight the eye and intrigue the mind.”