QuarkXPress 2016 will be officially released on May 24

Quark announced today that QuarkXPress 2016 will be officially released on May 24, 2016:

If you want to be reminded what’s new in QuarkXPress 2016, then please see here:


For me, there are two features that are especially noteworthy, as they can change the way you work:

  1. Copy objects from other applications into QuarkXPress 2016 as editable objects
  2. HTML5 Publications – publish web publications with app-like effects at NO EXTRA COST


Quick word about these:

Copy Objects as Native (Editable) Objects

You have an Excel pie chart that you need to adjust: Convert colors from RGB to CMYK, make sure blacks are black, want to adjust the pie pieces, add a drop shadow. And so on.

Or have a path in Illustrator or a complex graphic that you need to adjust.

Or you have received last year’s brochure from a client and the brochure needs adjustments. However it was probably created in MS Publisher and all they have is the PDF.

With QuarkXPress 2016: Easy. Just copy them over (e.g. copy the pie chart in Excel, switch to QuarkXPress 2016, paste as native objects; and work with them as if you had created them in QuarkXPress. If copy & paste doesn’t work – e.g. as you just received a PDF file – just import the PDF into a picture box, right mouse click it and “Convert to Native Objects”. Done.


HTML5 Publications – at no extra cost

Do you find PDFs in a browser too boring or having a bad user experience? Want to publish your content – originally designed for Print – on your website as a publication? Add audio, video, sound? However you do not have the business case to pay a conversion fee or – worse – justify reoccurring costs (monthly fees, download fees)?

When you have QuarkXPress 2016: Easy. Just convert your Print layout or create a new Digital layout from scratch. Add interactive effects (or just leave it static). Export as HTML5 Publication. You will receive a folder of HTML5 (with all your typography, images, design etc. All web ready). Upload to your webserver (or quickly rent one). Done. No system or cloud service needed.

(Of course a hosted web server will most likely cost you a small fee if you don’t already have one)


And if your design was done in a different application, e.g. from Adobe, Corel, Microsoft etc. or just exists as PDF? Just combine both features ;-)


Just see for yourself!