Campus license – FOR EVERYBODY in your university

With the release of QuarkXPress 2015, Quark also introduces a Campus license for QuarkXPress.

Covers all, for a one-time payment

A Campus license allows a high school, college, university to purchase an Education license of QuarkXPress for all students, teachers and employees of the educational institute, no matter how many. For a one-time payment of $1,000 (plus tax, where applicable).

Unrestricted, unlimited license

Education licenses of QuarkXPress are functionally unrestricted, so you can do everything with it that you can do with a commercial license.

And students, teachers & employees of your educational institute can use their licenses to publish school letters, school newspapers etc. Or e.g. Ph.D.’s being employeed or studying at your university can use the Campus license of QuarkXPress to publish their thesis, even if it is a paid study that gets sold.

Even better, as the QuarkXPress licenses are perpetual, they don’t have a time-bomb and run “forever”. You never need to pay again as long as you are using this license.

Concurrent license, not named

As Campus licenses are concurrent licenses, you do not need to worry about creating named accounts for your students or faculty. Everybody who is part of your school or university can use it.

“On the road” and home usage possible

As the Campus license of QuarkXPress allows to “check out” licenses, students or teachers can take a license home or on the road (laptop) and your IT department is always compliant with the license agreement. For that, the QuarkXPress Campus license comes with QLA:

More information?

If you are interested to get a Campus license for your school, college or university, please contact any authorized Education reseller of Quark or Quark directly: