Use .docx to import hyperlinks from Word into QuarkXPress 10

One of the new features proudly announced in QuarkXPress 10 is its ability to import hyperlinks from a Microsoft Word document. Those hyperlinks will appear underlined in blue in the QuarkXPress document to indicate their status as a hyperlink, and the hyperlinks will appear in the Hyperlinks palette. But most importantly, those hyperlinks will be included when you export the QuarkXPress document to PDF format.

However, there’s one BIG requirement: the Word document must have been saved in the “.docx” format, rather than the much older “.doc” format.

Some users are confused when they import a “.doc” format file (and rightfully so), because the hyperlinks from that document show in QuarkXPress with blue underlines, but they don’t appear in the Hyperlinks palette or when exported to PDF.

So, the bottom line is: use “.docx” format when saving from Word and all should be well.

And here’s a tip for QuarkXPress 9 users: If you can’t use QuarkXPress 10 for production quite yet, you can still take advantage of this new ability. Temporarily launch QuarkXPress 10, import the Word document, and export the QuarkXPress project down to version 9, where you can continue to work on it. Read our full tip on this topic here.