Mastering Palette Sets in QuarkXPress 10

You can customize the workspace in QuarkXPress 10 to an amazing degree. And for Mac users, it’s even more powerful.

For example, if you’re more comfortable with the way Microsoft and Adobe’s arrange their palettes (where the panels & options bar sit at the top of your display), you can easily do that in QuarkXPress. Just drag the title bar of the Tools palette near the top of your display, and the whole area will be highlighted in blue. Let go of your mouse button and the Tools palette will be docked to the top of your display:

Drag the Tools palette’s title bar near the top of your display until the blue area appears.


The Tools palette is now docked to the top of your display!


To complete the Microsoft/Adobe look, add the Measurements palette under the Tools palette—just click the sprocket icon on the Tools palette’s title bar and choose Measurements. This creates a Palette Set that includes the Tools and Measurements palettes:

Click the sprocket to add the Measurements palette to the Tools palette as a Palette Set.

Note that you can also Turn Hiding On, which makes these palettes disappear until you mouse over the edge of your display.

The Measurements palette is now added to the Tools palette as a Palette Set.


This technique of attaching palettes together also works on every palette or palette set—on both Mac and Windows computers. Just click that sprocket icon and choose the palettes you want to include or remove from the palette set:


To dock the Tools palette to the left side of your display, just drag its title bar into that area and release your mouse button when you see the blue area appear:

Drag the dark gray palette header…


Or drag the palette’s title bar.


The Tools palette is now docked to the left side of your display.


You can also dock palettes and palette sets to the right or bottom edges of your display. To un-dock them, just drag them away from the edges.

When you find a palette arrangement you like, you can save it as a Palette Set to easily recall later. Just choose Window> Palette Sets> Save Palette Set As…



And then give it a name, and optionally a keyboard shortcut:



In my opinion, Quark has the most advanced and efficient palette system ever developed for graphic designers. Just watch as a palette set expands and collapses palettes as you use them!

For a quick, 1-minute video showing these and other ways to customize your QuarkXPress workspace, see Quark’s video here.