The Mac at 30: five Macs that changed everything


Macintosh turns 30 this year, and magazines & websites worldwide are celebrating this phenomenal revolution in personal computing invented by Apple in 1984.

QuarkXPress was a major force in establishing Macintosh as the design and publishing tool of choice — the first versions were only available for Macs. Only when Apple stumbled in the marketplace did Quark decide to limit its features to what was possible on Windows. (When Quark wanted to add new features that were only possible on Macs, they issued free XTensions for Mac users!)

Apple posted a 3-minute video of people whose lives have been changed by Macs here.

Macworld has several stories, a favorite being “5 Macs that changed everything: the best and boldest Macs Apple ever made“. Are your choices among them? To see all their stories, click the graphic below: