Find and Delete Style Sheets Not Being Used

Working with Style Sheets makes text formatting MUCH more efficient. (But you already knew that!)

Sometimes, you need to find all the Style Sheets that aren’t being used in a document: perhaps you’re re-using an old document with irrelevant Style Sheets. Or perhaps you’re creating a complex project and have “leftover” Style Sheets that you won’t use.

Fortunately, QuarkXPress makes it easy to see and optionally remove any or all Style Sheets not in use. Here’s how:

  1. Choose Edit> Style Sheets
  2. Click the dropdown menu labeled “Show
  3. Choose Style Sheets Not Used

Edit>Style Sheets>Not Used

Only the unused Style Sheets appear in the list, where you can explore them and select one or more to delete.

Edit>Style Sheets>Not Used>selected

Related tip: As Andy Smith points out, this technique also works with unused colors! Just choose Edit> Colors and repeat the steps above. For a description and video of exactly that, see our post here.