Update on Apple’s new Mac Pro


According to Macworld, Apple’s new Mac Pro, which we wrote about here, may not be available until March. Read their comprehensive story here.

Here’s an excerpt from Macworld’s story:


What is the Mac Pro?

The Mac Pro is not the same machine as the MacBook Pro, as any professional Mac user knows. However, for some of those pro Mac users the MacBook Pro is now adequate for their needs.

However, the Mac Pro is a very different machine to the MacBook Pro. It’s not a high-powered consumer computer and it isn’t even a business computer used in a design setting. It’s a workstation, and workstations operate to different rules to desktop computers.

The Mac Pro is the tower system for Mac professionals who like adding things other than stickers to their computer. It’s designed to be used by a single person who requires serious computing power.

The typical market for workstations is 3D mechanical design, engineering simulation, animation studios, and video production houses. Over the years the Mac Pro has risen in popularity with this group, only to fade as Apple failed to keep up with the times. Now this market don’t lack for serious alternatives that are cheaper, updated more frequently and have similar – or even better – levels of software support.