Force Text to a New Column or Line

In a QuarkXPress text box that has several columns, you can force text to begin at the top of the next column by simply pressing the Enter key where you want the text to break to the next column.

If you change your mind, just backspace over the Enter character.

This, of course, requires that your keyboard have an Enter key! (If your keyboard has a 10-key number pad, you’ll see an Enter key there.) If you’re using a laptop or a small keyboard without an Enter key, try holding down the “fn” key to temporarily convert your Return key to an Enter key.

If all you want to do is to force text to a new line (without creating a new paragraph!), press Shift-Return. You’ll also find it (and other helpful special characters) under Utilities> Insert Character> Special.

Utilities>Insert Character>Special>DiscretionaryNewLine