French Publisher Chooses Quark for All Magazines and Supplements

This is great news for Quark!

See their announcement below — my favorite quote is: “we have always preferred tools that adapt to us, rather than the opposite.”



Sud Ouest Group Selects Quark Publishing Platform for its Magazines and Supplements Division

The French Publisher of Regional Daily News has Chosen Quark Enterprise Solutions to Manage its Full Range of Magazines and Supplements

Paris, France – 11/25/2013 – Quark announced today that the regional daily press group Sud Ouest, located in Bordeaux (Gironde, France), has chosen to transfer its entire magazine and  periodical supplements management and production process to Quark Publishing Platform. Sud Ouest publishes its eponymous daily newspapers – 21 four-colour, 64-page editions (320,000 copies per day) – as well as weekend supplements and seven editions of the Sunday paper. Sud Ouest also publishes independent magazines such as Terres de Vin (six issues plus three special editions each year) and Sud Ouest Gourmand, which is distributed nationally.

The transition: automating manual processes
The Sud Ouest group used to manage and produce its supplements in a “conventional” manner, explains Michel Lagenette, prepress department manager for Sud Ouest group. “By ‘conventional,’ I mean a system with client workstations running QuarkXPress for page layout work. Our system was based on understandings between each person in the production chain with the articles stored on a server via an FTP protocol. Information transmission was intrinsically linked to this operating method. Everyone reported the availability of a file by email or telephone. The entire process was therefore essentially based on a management team that ensured the production process was followed.”

Ease of integration is key
Like many press groups, Sud Ouest has always used QuarkXPress for desktop publishing. Selecting a comprehensive publishing platform from Quark therefore seemed to be a “comfortable solution that meant we didn’t need to migrate to another tool.” Nevertheless, Lagenette admits that it wasn’t the most important factor. “What we really liked about Quark Publishing Platform was its ability, compared to other publishing solutions, to adapt very easily and quickly to our existing processes and tools without the need to start again from scratch. At Sud Ouest, we have always preferred tools that adapt to us, rather than the opposite.”

Sud Ouest needed to select a publishing platform that would streamline the production process while enabling information and tasks to be shared and monitored. “We considered the database aspect crucial so that we could edit each asset – text, image, final content, etc. – and enable everything to come together in a more flexible and more secure manner.”

The Sud Ouest group also appreciated Quark Publishing Platform’s tree structure concept that “let us model all our tasks and access any file using standard criteria which, if they’re changed, are dynamically updated with an automatic communication sent to production teams for real-time tracking.” This new visibility of the production process finally gives the management team the ability to concentrate once again on their core business.

Progressively added to production: the weekend supplement
Once the Sud Ouest team identified Quark Publishing Platform they began work with Quark teams and systems integrator CSE to configure the solution to meet their specific requirements. “Quark Publishing Platform truly is a flexible, very open solution that lets us do almost anything we want to. We did spend time creating the methodology for our production process and planning the integration.”

Quark Publishing Platform rolled out in February 2013 with the production of a supplement supplied free with the Saturday paper that was 52 pages and available in various editions. “The first thing we did was define the templates before starting laying out the pages. Little by little we worked through the production chain and included each step in the heart of the solution, including corrections and image processing. Today the copy editors are working on data streams directly in the Platform,” explained Lagenette.

Transitioning all production to Quark Publishing Platform
Following the success of the roll out using Quark Publishing Platform, the Sud Ouest group is working to transfer all other supplements and magazines to the solution. In addition to Sud Ouest Dimanche, the quarterly magazine Sud Ouest Gourmand and its special editions will be fully produced using Quark Publishing Platform from their editions published in December 2013.

Terres de Vins, a bimonthly magazine produced in three editions – National, South West and South-Mediterranean – as well as its three special editions will begin production with Quark Publishing Platform in January 2014.

Sud Ouest has another project for Quark Publishing Platform, which is to manage the layout of commercial and advertising content. By leveraging Quark Publishing Platform Sud Ouest can dynamically manage the entire layout, including the precise positioning of each article, image and section. This allows editorial and advertising departments to work together, which had never been possible without Quark Publishing Platform.

Additionally, the team is considering bringing graphics work in-house. Lagenette said, “Until now, we have called on an external supplier to produce the graphics in magazines, such as cartography, editorial content, illustrations, etc. for our paper and web publications, dailies or magazines. We are currently training some of our teams so that they can be fully independent in 2014.” To manage this very specific workflow, everything will be integrated in Quark Publishing Platform “which is ideal because of its data stream security and automation capabilities, including for authors working remotely.”

The opportunities offered by App Studio, based on HTML 5, have also enabled an initial approach to offer, over time, certain Sud Ouest group publications on tablets and smartphones. “The new Quark dynamic publishing tools give us a wide opportunity in terms of projects we would like to consider,” concluded Lagenette.

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