How to Use Mission Control on Your Mac

You can use the Mac’s built-in Mission Control feature to sequester applications on separate “desktops” so your workspace will be clutter-free. (You can also use it to quickly see and access every open document or folder.)


Building on older technologies like Exposé and Spaces, Mission Control is a feature of OS X 10.7 and higher; access it by pressing F3 or fn-F9 on your keyboard or by clicking on its icon in your Dock (it looks like a square with three small app windows in it):


On a trackpad or Magic Mouse, you can also access Mission Control by swiping up with three fingers or double tapping (not double-clicking) with two fingers.

Once the interface opens, create a new desktop by dragging your mouse to the upper-right corner to reveal a plus button. Afterward, drag any application or window to your new desktop, and then you can move between desktops by pressing Control-Right Arrow and Control-Left Arrow

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