One Way to Import Hyperlinks from Microsoft Word into QuarkXPress 8 or 9

As mentioned in our previous stories, QuarkXPress 10 now imports hyperlinks from Microsoft Word documents. But what about previous versions of QuarkXPress?

If you’re still using QuarkXPress 9, you can temporarily use QuarkXPress 10 to import the Microsoft Word document with hyperlinks, then export the Layout as a QuarkXPress 9.1 Project. The hyperlinks created by QuarkXPress 10 will be included in the QuarkXPress 9.1 Project.

If you’re still using QuarkXPress 8, you can open the file in QuarkXPress 9.1-9.5 and use the same technique to export it for version 8.

Here’s the two-step, step-by-step:

1. Choose File> Export> Layouts as Project…


2. Choose QuarkXPress 9.1 from the Version popup menu


(Thanks to reader Raymond Leveille for sharing this technique!)