Video & Tutorial: Create a QR Code in QuarkXPress 10


QuarkXPress 10 lets you easily create a QR Code (Quick Response Code) and drop it into your layout. Because the code is made of native QuarkXPress items, you can customize its colors, resize and rotate the code, and more — without losing quality.

Watch Quark’s 1-minute video on creating and customizing QR Codes in QuarkXPress 10 here.

For a written tutorial by Jay Nelson here on Planet Quark, see How to Add a Quick Response Code (QR Code) in QuarkXPress 10″.

What is a QR Code?

QR codes are a special type of barcode that’s easily scannable by smartphone cameras. The codes can include information like Web addresses, phone numbers, links to vCards, and more. They can be printed on business cards and promotional materials, shown on displays, and put nearly anyplace else you want to make it easy to share information. iPhone apps such as RedLaser, Google Search, and NeoReader can scan the codes to load websites, add contacts to Address Book and even dial phone numbers. QR codes are great tools for immediately getting information in front of potential customers.

For more info on QR Codes, have a look at John Parsons’ article: “Six Simple Rules for QR Codes”. For lots more info on QR Codes, see and their “6 Pillars of a Killer QR Code Campaign” and “Intro to QR Codes”. For lots more info and free QR codes, see Amazon also has several books on QR codes.