Explore Lucida Grande

The Lucida Grande typeface included with Mac OS X has more than 2,200 glyphs. In addition to the Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew and East Asian glyphs, there are 140 punctuation marks, 284 phonetic symbols, 94 numbers (including Roman numerals), 32 “letterlike” symbols (including ℗ ℠ ℉ ℃ № ℞), 15 technical symbols (including ⌘ ⌥ ⌦ ⏏), 24 currency symbols (including £ ₤ ₢ ₣ ₨ ₯), and .

Many of these gyphs can only be used in Unicode-aware applications such as QuarkXPress, which provides a Glyphs palette that facilitates exploration and use. (Window> Glyphs)

But my favorite tool is Macility’s €30 PopChar, which includes many helpful features for exploring OpenType fonts on both Mac OS X and Windows. (I call it call “A time-saving, profit-increasing, enlightening, intelligent window into the opportunities waiting inside the most complex typefaces.”)


Another great font to explore is Apple Symbol, which includes I Ching trigrams and hexagrams, chess symbols, recycling symbols, symbols for dice, astrology, weather, hands pointing, braille, OCR banking (check) symbols, and much more.