QuarkXPress 9 to be supported on Mavericks

Quark’s product manager posted a note about QuarkXPress 9 being supported on Apple’s new Mac OS X 10.9 “Mavericks”. You can read it at http://forums.quark.com/t/33628.aspx.

I’ve copied it below for your convenience:


Hi all,

Good news! We made a breakthrough in our analysis on how to support QuarkXPress 9 on OS X Mavericks.

We are now positive that we can support QuarkXPress 9 under Mavericks in an update that we will provide free of charge to all users of QuarkXPress 9. This will apply to both license types, activation based licenses as well as site licenses using QLA.

We expect to be able to release this update before the end of November. Until then please stay with your current version of OS X. Once we’ll have a more definite date we’ll let you know immediately.



Update: We just found out that by applying the fix we will not be able  to support Leopard anymore. So the update for QuarkXPress 9 that supports Mavericks will require at least Snow Leopard. Of course Lion and Mountain Lion will work too.

Matthias Günther

Senior Product Manager

Quark Software Inc.