Export a Table of Contents to PDF and EPUB

Today, we published an eBook that I built in QuarkXPress, and I was delighted at how easy it was to generate a Table of Contents for both the PDF and EPUB versions of the book!

Details on how to do it are in our previously published tip here, but the short version is:

  • Choose Edit> Lists and select the Style Sheet you want to use for your Table of Contents. All the Paragraphs that you applied this Style Sheet to will be included in the Table of Contents.
  • Create a text box somewhere, possibly on a new last page — you’ll delete it later, so don’t worry about formatting it.
  • Fill the text box with your List (TOC) by selecting it and choosing Window> Lists and then clicking the Build button in the Lists palette:


  • When you export to PDF, make sure that “Export Lists as Bookmarks” is enabled in the PDF Options. Each item in the List will appear as a separate Bookmark in the PDF.

Ta da! (Well, almost… you’ll probably want to open the PDF and delete the temporary page that contains the List text box.)

To include your TOC in your EPUB or Kindle file as you export it from QuarkXPress, do this:

  • Choose Window> Reflow Table of Contents:


  • Click the Pencil (Edit) icon in the Reflow Table of Contents palette and choose a Style Sheet from your document. When you export your eBook, QuarkXPress will build a TOC that includes entries for every paragraph you applied that Style Sheet to.

For more details on using Lists and Hyperlinks, see our earlier post: “Easy Hyperlinks in QuarkXPress that Export into PDFs”.

And for a look at the book we made, see The Skinny on Photoshop Tips” here.