FREE Webinar: Photoshop Elements

CL-PS Elements

In my opinion, Photoshop is overkill (and creativity killing!) for many, if not most users. That’s why people are turning in droves to the simpler, more affordable Photoshop Elements. If you’re ready to have a much more pleasant experience editing images, join Photoshop author and instructor Lesa Snider for a FREE two-day live webinar on Photoshop Elements.

Here’s the description from the creativeLIVE website:

You’ll learn how to crop, correct, and retouch your images in Adobe Camera Raw. You’ll also explore Elements’ three editing modes: Quick, Guided, and Expert, and learn how to incorporate Elements into your Adobe Lightroom workflow. Lesa will also cover the art of resizing images without losing quality, editing non-destructively by using layers, zapping objects from your photos and stitching panoramas. You’ll also master practical and creative effects such as black-and-whites, partial color, color tints, collages, pushing photos through text, shapes, and much more!

By the end of this course, you’ll have the confidence and skill to edit your images with stunning results and you might even be Elements’ biggest fan!

Join her online from 9am to 4pm Pacific time, Tuesday October 16-17. Get more info here.