FREE Webinar: Photoshop Deep Dive: Video Editing & Animation

CL-Video Deep Dive

Photoshop now has fairly simple tools for creating animations and editing video. If you’re ready to include moving pictures and text in your QuarkXPress or App Studio projects, join Photoshop author and instructor Lesa Snider for a FREE full day live webinar: Photoshop Deep Dive: Video Editing & Animation.

Here’s the description from the creativeLIVE website:

In this intensive, full-day class you’ll learn how to edit video easily and efficiently in Photoshop. You’ll learn how to import, trim, and split video clips as well as how to apply adjustment layers for color correction or creative color effects. Get the scoop on animating still images and adding transitions, as well as displaying multiple elements at once including text, images, and even other videos! Lesa will help you master using Solid Color Fill layers to fade intros and outros into your piece, as well how to animate the size and location of text, masks, and graphics to create incredibly compelling motion. You’ll also learn how to import and control multiple audio tracks, in addition to creating surprisingly useful animated GIFs for web ads.

By the end of this deep dive, you’ll be able to grow and diversify your business and online presence by through video portfolios, promotional pieces, and more!

Join her online from 9am to 4pm Pacific time, Tuesday October 15th. Get more info here.