xScope: Fantastic On-Screen Design Aid


Icon Factory’s xScope ($30) is Pretty Darned Cool. Use it to measure items for app design or Web page design, align items with guides, see the usable display area for different monitors and devices, zoom into anything, and much more.

But what’s cool is how it works: it can magically identify objects and measure them — including spaces between objects. Its SmartTools feature turns tools automatically on or off depending on what apps you’re using. And helpfully, its guides can span multiple displays.

An optional iOS app named xScope Mirror ($1.99) gives your iOS device a live view of any window on your Mac. This can be useful for presentations, because multiple iOS devices can view the same window on your Mac!

If you work with on-screen graphics, we encourage you explore their online User Guide at http://xscopeapp.com/guide.

Or, read Tessa Thornton’s excellent review at http://mac.appstorm.net/reviews/graphics/xscope-3-big-improvements-to-the-designers-best-friend/