How to Add a Quick Response Code (QR Code) in QuarkXPress 10

Quick Response Codes (QR Codes) are showing up everywhere, and QuarkXPress 10 provides a simple way to create one right on your document page.

First, create a picture box of any size — you can resize it later. Then choose Utilities> Make QR Code… to open the QR Code dialog. Then just type in a URL, a phone number, a mailto: or any other text. QuarkXPress will then fill the picture box for you:

QR Code-PQ

When someone using a mobile device points a QR Code reader app at your QR Code, they’ll either be taken to the Web page you typed in, or their email program will launch and create a new email message addressed to the mailto: address you provided, or it will simply display the phone number or other text you typed in.

You can also generate a QR Code that provides a VCard, containing any combination of a name, phone number, email address and website:

QR Code-Vcard-Quark-Schiavone

When someone using a mobile device points a QR Code reader app at this QR Code, the app will offer to add this person to the address book on the mobile device being used.

The picture box contains a collection of native QuarkXPress shapes, which means you can resize it without losing clarity. The “white” parts are transparent, so you can place it on top of a colored background. You can also change the code’s color by using the Box Color adjustment in the Measurements palette:

QR Code-color