Acrobat: Replace Pages but Keep Hyperlinks

When using Acrobat to replace pages in a PDF, if you use the Replace command, any nonprinting data such as hyperlinks, bookmarks and comments are retained from the old page to the new page. Usually, this is a better choice than Deleting the pages and Inserting new ones.

To Replace pages numerically do this:

In recent versions of Acrobat, open the Tools pane at the right side of the document window. Click the Pages tab to show the Pages options. In the top section, choose Replace. A dialog box will open that asks you to locate the PDF that contains the new pages:


In older versions of Acrobat, choose Replace Pages… from the Document menu in the menu bar. (Document> Replace Pages…)

To Replace pages visually, open the Page Thumbnails pane at the right side of your document window, select the thumbnails for the pages you want to replace, and either choose Replace Pages… from the Options menu at the top of the Page Thumbnails pane, or right-click one of the selected thumbnails and choose Replace Pages… from the contextual menu that appears:

Acrobat-page-thumbnails replace-pages