Automatically Optimize Your Photos with Organic Imaging


The concept of “micro payments” has been a long time in coming. The idea is that you pay a small amount for each time you use a program or service, so you don’t have to pay a big price for a powerful solution you may only use occasionally.

Organic Imaging is an excellent example of this kind of service for photographers and layout artists. Their application intelligently optimizes your images for just ten cents each. It will even process 250 images for free, so you can see if it works for you. After that, you buy credits and process away!

For details, check out their press release below.


Organic Imaging, the professional quality, automatic image correction software; delivers RAW format support and an improved user interface in new version 2.0. Organic Imaging makes critical, natural corrections based on its advanced analysis of each photograph. Utilizing the same technology installed in the world’s most famous publishing houses, Organic Imaging is suited for photographers and prosumers who process quantities of images, need high quality results, and require rapid throughput.

Photographers are invited to download the software and process the first 250 images at no cost. (Subsequent images are processed for .10 each.) The software can be installed on as many workstations or laptops as desired. The easy, quickstart tutorial is available at

Orlando-based news photographer Barry Kirsch was instrumental in bringing Organic Imaging to the Orlando test market.  Kirsch, a veteran photographer currently filming a PBS special centered on his perspective in covering a major trial with national significance, says that “Organic Imaging does exactly what it says. When I am a news photographer, I can not — and will not —  be creative when correcting photos for publication or posting. Organic Imaging is masterful in analyzing my shots, and making the natural adjustments I’d make myself. It definitely gives me time to keep going, and shooting, instead of fixing problems.”

“It’s not meant to be for the creative edits you make in Photoshop or Pixelmator,” explains Elpical president John de Jong. “Organic Imaging is for photographers and organizations that need pictures to be corrected quickly and accurately.”

de Jong further explains that the name Organic Imaging reflects the software’s ability to adjust processing to meet the precise and differing needs of all customers and their creations, including each piece’s unique, artistic look and feel. Organic Imaging’s advanced, automatic, individual image analysis insures that every image receives precise corrections with regards to exposure, sharpness, skintones, natural greens, blues and much more.

Praise from industry veteran David Brooks

David Brooks, Shutterbug magazine’s veteran photographer/writer and product reviewer, earlier this year gave Organic Imaging high praise in the renowned publication.

Said Brooks:

“The Organic Imaging enhancement very obviously and effectively adjusted and color corrected the digital camera files, including sensing and removing the environmental color cast. Only one other workflow I know of, and that is manual controls, has an ability to detect and remove color casts from images so efficiently.

“Hundreds of important applications are held back from realizing their destiny: to be useful in the hands of many,” says de Jong. “I’m happy that Organic Imaging allows us to bring commercial-quality tools to, literally, anyone with the need.”

About Organic Imaging

Based on mature, proven Elpical technology that has met the demanding criteria of large publishers worldwide — including Modern Luxury and Top Gear magazine — Organic Imaging is a hotfolder-based application that will route a wide variety of image types from a predefined input folder to the processed Folder. Extensive, automatic individual image analysis insures that every image receives precisely the exposure, sharpness, skintones, natural greens, blues, and anything else it needs.

As image optimization is always subjective, Organic Imaging comes with an Inspector function for immediate, side-by-side comparisons. Further alterations with regard to settings for enhancement and colors can be made to obtain exactly the look and feel photographers or their clients, such as a brand owner, are looking for.

Organic Imaging also automates other image processing tasks as ICC based conversions, file format conversions and image size conversions. Organic Imaging eliminates the price barrier by giving users the first 250 images free; and then charging under 10 cents each for up to 5000 corrected images per month (*)(**). The pay per image model also allows installation on any number of workstations, without additional investment.

About Elpical

Elpical Software, an international company with offices in The Netherlands and Germany, develops and markets software solutions for automating image production, manipulation and optimization as well as image workflow processes in general, based on extensive image analysis.

(*) At 5000 images, customers surpass a price break-even point where Elpical’s Claro server product becomes the more cost-effective option.

(**) Bonus images are made available in exponentially increasing amounts as customers use Organic Imaging.