20% Off Pre-orders of QuarkXPress 10

For a limited time, Quark is offering a 20% discount on QuarkXPress 10. See their press release below for details:


Quark Offers 20% Off Pre-orders of QuarkXPress 10

Quark has announced QuarkXPress® 10, the new version of QuarkXPress that is new inside and out. Starting now, and for a limited time, Quark is offering all QuarkXPress 9 users a 20 percent discount on pre-orders of QuarkXPress 10.

Featuring Quark’s new Xenon Graphics Engine, Retina® display support, a modern architecture, and over fifty feature enhancements, QuarkXPress 10 streamlines the design process and improves the design experience. QuarkXPress 9 users will immediately see performance improvements with the addition of the Xenon Graphics Engine, which renders the maximum clarity when viewing, zooming, cropping, and positioning pixel and vector files.

New features and enhancements in QuarkXPress 10 include:

  • Modern and Optimized User Interface
  • HiDPI and Retina Display Support
  • QR Code Creator
  • East Asian Typographic Tools in every version
  • Import Pictures and Hyperlinks from Microsoft Word
  • PDF Pass-Through Transparency
  • Layers Enhancements
  • Print Preview
  • Key Item Space/Align
  • Highlight Missing Fonts
  • Improved IME support
  • Bezier Tool Enhancement
  • Layout Tab Reordering
  • More (see a full list here: www.quark.com/10)

Plus, QuarkXPress 10 is the first version of QuarkXPress to run as a native Cocoa app, which means QuarkXPress can now leverage the latest OS X features and rapidly support new OS X releases.

To read about the new features in QuarkXPress 10 and learn more about the new graphics engine visit: www.quark.com/10. QuarkXPress 10 will ship in mid-to-late August. Visit the Quark Store to pre-order QuarkXPress 10 and receive the discounted price.

Buy 9, Get 10 Promotion for QuarkXPress 3-8 Users
Through August 30, 2013, Quark is continuing to offer QuarkXPress users on versions 3-8 the opportunity to upgrade to version 9 and receive version 10 for free. For more information please visit www.quark.com/Buy9Get10.

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