Easily Add and Remove Kerning & Tracking

QuarkXPress makes it easy to increase or decrease the space between two letters (kerning) or the space between all the letters in a selection of text (tracking).

To change the space between two letters, just click between the letters and use the Character Attributes tab of the Measurements palette. To change the space between a range of characters, select them and then use the Measurements palette:


If you do this a lot, train your fingers to remember these keyboard shortcuts:

To adjust kerning (spacing between two letters), or tracking (spacing between a range of letters):

• Press Command-Shift-[ to reduce kerning or tracking.

• Press Command-Shift-] to increase kerning or tracking.

To adjust word spacing:

• Hold down all the modifier keys (Shift-Option-Command-Control) and press the [ key (to tighten) or ] (to loosen).

(Windows users: replace Command with Ctrl and Option with Alt.)

Bonus tip: When you want to remove all the manual kerning, tracking and word spacing from text:

• Select the text and choose Utilities> Remove Manual Kerning