Show Overprinting and Rich Blacks in Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat Pro has a feature that highlights the portions of your image that are set to overprint or print as rich blacks. To get to it, do this:

In Acrobat X and higher:

Choose View> Tools> Print Production. In the Print Production panel, choose Output Preview:


In the resulting Output Preview dialog box, turn on the Simulate Overprinting option.

From the Preview popup menu, select Color Warnings.

In the Warnings section, turn on the Show Overprinting and Rich Black options.

By default, overprinting objects appear in yellow and rich black objects in blue-green. If those colors blend into your design, you can adjust the color of the warnings by clicking on the swatches located to the right of each checkbox.

Here’s how that dialog box should look:


In earlier versions of Acrobat:

Choose Print Production> Output Preview and turn on the Simulate Overprinting option. In the Preview section of the resulting dialog box, select Color Warnings. In the Warnings section, turn on the Show Overprinting and Rich Black options.