Space the Dots in Dotted Leaders in QuarkXPress

When creating a tab-heavy text box, such as a price sheet, a “dotted leader” (aka “tabbed leader”) can be helpful to guide the reader’s eye to the next column in the text.

To create a dotted leader in QuarkXPress, just add a tab character as you normally would, then type a period (.) or other character into the Fill Characters field in the Tabs tab of the Measurements palette. Here, we’ve created an “align on period” tab for the price and typed in a period in the Fill Characters field:

MeasPal>Tabs>Fill Character-circled

But here’s where the real finesse comes in: you can adjust the space between dots (or other characters) in tabbed leaders by selecting the entire tab in the text box, and then applying tracking to it. Here, we’ve reduced the tracking by -30 to move the dots closer together.