Use Acrobat to Generate Hyperlinks

QuarkXPress lets you add hyperlinks to text in a document, but if your output is only intended for PDF, it can sometimes be easier to let Adobe Acrobat do the work for you. Acrobat can identify many URLs and email addresses in a document and add hyperlinks to them. Just choose Advanced> Links> Create from URLs in Document. (In Acrobat X, open the Tools panel to find it.)

It works for URLs that begin with http:// and www., and for email addresses, but fails when the URL or email address wraps to a new line of text. In that case, it creates a link for the first line, using the text on the first line. You’ll need to fix it and manually add a hyperlink to the remainder of the text.

Another workflow limitation is that if you subsequently change the document in the originating application and generate a new PDF, you’ll need to either regenerate all the hyperlinks in Acrobat, or replace the changed pages in Acrobat by choosing Document> Replace Pages… (in Acrobat X, open the Pages panel).