Use QuarkXPress Libraries to Share Pictures

QuarkXPress’s Library feature lets you store often-used objects for later use.

One tricky way to use a Library is as a container for graphics you’re providing for someone who is helping you lay out pages — perhaps your logos, head shots, or other standard items. This is clever because the user of that Library doesn’t need the high-resolution files — when they drag the pictures from your Library onto their pages, XPress remembers the links to your original files and the pictures will print at full resolution back on your computer.

To create a Library, just choose File> New> Library…

You can then populate the Library with pictures by first importing them into picture boxes in QuarkXPress and then dragging those picture boxes into the Library. If you drag them one at a time, they can be dragged out again one at a time. If you drag a bunch in at once, they’ll stay clustered as one item in the Library and will appear in their same relative positions to each other when you drag them back out onto the page.

If you have a whole bunch of pictures to add to a library, one  quick way to import them into picture boxes is to use the ImageGrid feature in QuarkXPress 9 and above (Utilities> ImageGrid…).



When you point ImageGrid to a folder of picture files, it will create picture boxes on your QuarkXPress page and import all those pictures into them. (It will even create new pages if necessary!) Then, you can simply drag those picture boxes into the Library.