Quark NOT Moving to Subscription Model

On the QuarkXPress Facebook page, Quark made the announcement below about not following Adobe’s move to subscription-rental model.

The page is at https://www.facebook.com/officialQuarkXPress

Here’s what they said:


Quark will continue to offer perpetual licenses of QuarkXPress and has no plans to move customers to monthly subscriptions like Adobe CC. 

It is important to us that QuarkXPress is accessible to designers of all types, that you get to decide if an upgrade has value to you, and that you receive free updates to QuarkXPress during the life of each version. 

We have extended our special upgrade pricing through June 30, 2013, which means users on ANY version of QuarkXPress – 3 through 8 – can upgrade to QuarkXPress 9 for the regular upgrade price.


Also, Quark posted a page clarifying their position here:



“we have no plans to force QuarkXPress customers down a subscription-only path. We will continue to offer perpetual licenses and you get to decide if an upgrade provides the value to warrant your investment. From the thousands of comments we’ve read, it’s clear that many of you share this view of software licensing.”