QuarkXPress Tip: Stop Text from Jumping When Wrapping

Have you ever struggled to position a text-wrapping picture box because the text around it was jumping in giant increments? In other words, you put a picture box on the page, apply a text wrap to it, then move it over some text — you’ll see the text jump in amounts equal to its leading. Here’s how to change this behavior, so that the text will move smoothly as you reposition the picture box:

In QuarkXPress preferences (Mac: QuarkXPress> Preferences; Win: File> Preferences), scroll down to Default Print Layout, then select Paragraph:

Uncheck the Maintain Leading checkbox. That’s all there is to it.

The Maintain Leading checkbox controls the placement of a line of text that falls immediately below an obstruction in a column or box. If Maintain Leading is checked, the line’s baseline is placed according to its applied leading value. If Maintain Leading is unchecked, the ascent of the line will abut the bottom of the obstruction or any applied runaround value (Item> Runaround).