Tip: Use PDF2DTP to Extract Images from PDFs


I’m creating an EPUB book in QuarkXPress, and the client gave me a PDF containing his suggestions along with some product images for the book. He’s not easily available, so I didn’t want bother him to re-send me the images as separate files. What to do?

I remembered that Markzware’s PDF2DTP XTension for QuarkXPress can convert a PDF into a native QuarkXPress document. In the process, it also extracts images from the PDF into separate, linked image files — in their original format and resolution!

An additional benefit of the conversion was that the client’s new paragraphs of text were ready for repurposing into the EPUB, without the messy cleanup of line breaks that normally occurs when copying text from a PDF in Acrobat.

This $199 XTension just paid for itself… (and a version is also available for InDesign)