QuarkXPress 9.5.1 Enhances App Studio Support

Quark released a free update to QuarkXPress 9 today, enhancing some of the features for generating apps for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire.

Version 9.5.1 now creates smaller files, allows embedding of TrueType and OpenType fonts into apps, enhances scrolling options, allows interactivity in anchored boxes, lets you embed additional kinds of media within HTML5 content, and supports Windows 8.

See Quark’s press release below for additional details.


Free Update Enhances App Studio Support in QuarkXPress 9

DENVER, CO – March 14, 2013 – Quark announced today a new update to QuarkXPress(R) that is available free of charge to all version 9 users. The update optimizes App StudioTM for QuarkXPress with improvements made to file size, font compatibility, and interactive features. App Studio is the digital publishing solution that allows designers to create HTML5 apps for iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire and Android devices with the page layout software they already know. The updates to QuarkXPress to enhance app creation with App Studio include:

  • Issue file size optimization to create even smaller App Studio  downloads
  • Option to embed any TrueType or OpenType font into App Studio layouts
  • New horizontal scroll box interactive enrichment
  • Scroll support for web views
  • The ability to add interactivity to anchored boxes
  • New “Open File” action for embedding additional media within HTML5 content

QuarkXPress 9.5.1 also adds Windows 8 support.

Download QuarkXPress 9.5.1 here: http://www.quark.com/Support/Downloads/.

About App Studio
App Studio (www.AppStudio.net) is the next generation digital publishing solution that uses HTML5 to push the bounds of user experience without the high cost and effort associated with custom app development. By combining the market-leading HTML5 technology from the recent acquisition of PressRun with Quark’s existing digital publishing technology, App Studio is the only digital publishing solution that allows users to create branded content apps using QuarkXPress, InDesign, HTML5, and XML. Through a managed cloud environment, designers, authors, and extended teams are able to collaborate to create rich, interactive content that can be delivered across multiple platforms and devices.

About Quark
Quark’s software enables organizations of all sizes to meet customer demand for engaging, relevant communications when, where, and how they want them. Our solutions combine the power of XML with flexible layout and design to automate the delivery of customer communications to print, Web, and interactive experiences on the latest digital devices. Financial services firms, manufacturers, and governments around the world rely on Quark solutions to elevate customer communications to new levels, reduce time to market, and lower costs.