Lower Pricing for App Studio for InDesign


If you use InDesign CS5 or higher, you can now create a “single issue” app for iOS or Android for just $199 by using the free online App Studio. A “multi-issue” app — suitable for magazines and newsletters — now costs $99 per month.

For a terrific explanation what this means in comparison to Adobe’s app offerings, see this story at Macworld UK. Not only is App Studio’s pricing a fraction of Adobe’s, App Studio creates HTML5 -based apps rather than using PDFs with static images and overlays. Here’s my favorite quote:

“This means richer, real -time interactivity, smaller file sizes, content is not locked in a proprietary file format and the many other benefits of HTML5.”

The details are in the press release below. (Note: App Studio also works with QuarkXPress documents!)


App Studio Pricing for InDesign Users Now Starts at $99

Availability of New Lower Pricing Gives InDesign Users More Options for Creating HTML5-based Apps

App StudioTM announced today new low pricing plans for InDesign users. Now, for $99 per month, designers who work with InDesign can create multi-issue native iOS apps for iPad and iPhone, or can create single issue apps for a one-time charge of $199.95 per app. The new plans give small businesses an affordable way to leverage HTML5 to create the type of engaging apps that today’s consumers have come to expect.

With App Studio designers use the layout tools they already know to create interactive content for tablet and smartphones – no coding required. Some of the most successful publishers, agencies, corporate marketing departments, and non-profits use App Studio to create compelling, interactive apps that go far beyond boring, static PDFs. Click here to see who, in addition to the BBC, BLAG, Metro, and Time Inc., is using App Studio: http://www.appstudio.net/Clients.

Why is App Studio ideal for InDesign users?

  • Designers only need InDesign and an App Studio account to get started
  • App Studio works with InDesign CS5, CS5.5 and CS6 so no need to upgrade to the latest version
  • Interactive content can be previewed and tested in-full on iOS and Android devices using the free App Studio Issue Previewer app
  • HTML5-based content means real, searchable, and selectable text
  • InDesign layouts can be enhanced with slideshows, video, audio, native animation, 360º photography, hot buttons, cross-linking, swiping, scrubbing, pinching, tilting and more
  • App Studio Google Analytics reporting provides information about page visits, time spent, search topics, user navigation, content shares and more
  • File sizes are up to five times smaller than a PDF-style approach and are proven to drive greater customer engagement

Get started with a free App Studio trial: http://www.appstudio.net/Platform/Trial.aspx.

Learn more about App Studio pricing plans that scale for any sized business: http://www.appstudio.net/Plans/.

Think Beyond Ink Tour
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About App Studio
App Studio is the next generation digital publishing solution that uses HTML5 to push the bounds of user experience without the high cost and effort associated with custom app development. By combining the market-leading HTML5 technology from the recent acquisition of PressRun with Quark’s existing digital publishing technology, App Studio is the only digital publishing solution that allows users to create branded content apps using QuarkXPress, InDesign, HTML5, and XML. Through a managed cloud environment, designers, authors, and extended teams are able to collaborate to create rich, interactive content that can be delivered across multiple platforms and devices.