Nanographic Printing!


There’s a lot of buzz in the printing world about Landa’s upcoming Nanographic Printing presses. NanoInk pigment particles are about 10x smaller than pigment particles used in offset printing, and NanoInk is water-based and eco-friendly. Among its other unique features are:

  • Instant bonding to substrates without penetrating them.
  • Super-sharp edges and uniformity of dots.
  • Identical results on any kind of substrate — coated or uncoated.
  • Broadest CMYK color gamut.
  • Instant drying and abrasion resistance, so that bindery work can begin immediately after printing.
  • Lower cost-per-page than any current digital printing process.

Landa expects to ship its first presses in late 2013, including three sheetfed and three web presses.

Landa was founded by Benny Landa, who also founded Indigo 35 years ago and sold it to HP ten years ago. Read more at: