Microsoft Office 2013 Released


In January, Microsoft released Office 2013, the latest version of their productivity suite that includes the familiar Word, Excel, and PowerPoint programs. The Office apps have plenty of new features (for example, Word’s “read mode” for easier document viewing and PowerPoint’s new slide zoom to use while presenting). However, the biggest change is taken from Adobe’s playbook: integration with SkyDrive storage and Office 365, a subscription model for purchasing the software.

As with Adobe’s Creative Cloud, this service allows you to rent the apps on a monthly or yearly basis, ensuring that you always have the most up-to-date version available. With Office 365, you can even sync documents between machines and stream a full version of any Office program to an Internet-connected PC, so you can get your work done away from home.

No Mac version of Office 2013 is yet available, but Mac owners can use Office 365 to purchase a subscription to Office for Mac 2011, which is the latest OS X version.

Suite pricing starts at $140 for the Home & Student edition (single license only); the subscriptions for Office 365 start at $10/month or $100/year for home users (up to five PCs or Macs).

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