Create and Update Table of Contents in QuarkXPress & InDesign

Both QuarkXPress and InDesign can generate a table of contents for you, based on a style sheet that you’ve applied to items in your document.

In QuarkXPress, a TOC is one type of List, so you’ll use the Lists palette (Window> Lists).

To create a new list, lick the palette menu in the upper right corner:


In the resulting dialog, choose the Style Sheet you want to use for your List, and which new Style Sheet to assign to it for formatting:


In InDesign, choose Layout> Table of Contents. You’ll then see this dialog where you can choose the Style to map to the Table of Contents:


To update the TOC when your document changes, do this:

In QuarkXPress, select the TOC in the Lists palette and click the Update button:


In InDesign, choose Layout> Update Table of Contents:


And you’ll see this helpful dialog: